Thursday, March 10, 2011

I heart dimsum like dimsum hearts me

I went with my aunt and couscous to have dimsum in Flushing yesterday. My immediate family NEVER goes to have dimsum, or "drink tea", as we call it so I looove it when I go. It's embarrassing because since I go so rarely, I never remember the names of the plates and have to ask a bunch of questions. What is it? What's inside? I had this delicious crunchy fried dough stuff wrapped in rice noodle and it was sooo good. How can I order it again without knowing what it's called? I proceeded to google and found this amusing website. Very helpful for non-chinese speakers as well!

"Pai gwat
Rhymes with "my butt"

Chinese spareribs, often cut very small and usually with a thick, sweet bean sauce on top."

How does dimsum heart me? My blood sugar was 130 before dimsum, and only 88 after! amazing! Disclaimer: I'm no medical professional so please don't go out and engorge yourself in dimsum!!

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