Sunday, September 26, 2010

The day is still young

I know it's 5pm, but I am making my to do list now, and whatever I accomplish, I accomplish. Whatever I don't... there's no don't!!!

Make a replica of an American Apparel dress I just bought. It turns out to be just two large rectangles sewn together! It's highly versatile and can "transform" into like 20 dresses/skirts. Great idea, AA, great idea. Now I steals it.

Begin making hats for whoever desires one. My first is a cat hat.

Paint Initial art for Fifioni. Yay, I get to see you in person in 2 days! So excited. You better not cry when I hold you or.. or.. I'll be very sad. :(

FINISH the stupid book.

I forgot where I found this image. Cross-stitching looks like lots of pixely fun. I'll have to remember to pick up cross stitching supplies next time at Michael's of Joann.

Monday, September 13, 2010

EXPRESS is looking really nice this season!

The perfect blend of New England and girly, Express is looking lovely this season. I'm in love with almost the entire collection. Loving the navy blue and frills. I have 2 navy blue pea-coat already, so I can't justify getting another, but none of mine have pretty frills and ruffles! Maybe I should get one in the camel color? I mean, it's pretty chilly here in NYC like all the time. It would not go to waste!


This one has a motorcycle jacket feel to it but still has the feminine accents.

Casual cool.

More feminine ruffles. The deep jewel color is prefect for the Fall.

The giant collar will keep you warm. They don't have a great selection of colors tho.

I'll never be brave enough to wear these shoes.
Maybe if I trim the heels down to 1.5 inches. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

zee pen necklace

There were so many times I needed a pen and realized it's in my OTHER bag! Have no fear, the pen necklace is the answer! Now only will you always have a writing utensil on hand, it's tres fashionable as well. I first noticed it while googling Mad Men jewelry. Joan (Christina Hendricks) wears a gold pen necklace all the time. Now I have to google to see where I can get one. I have so many free pens that I haven't used yet tho from various companies that I don't know if I'll get a chance to use a pen necklace. SIGH. Better get writing.