Thursday, March 10, 2011

I heart dimsum like dimsum hearts me

I went with my aunt and couscous to have dimsum in Flushing yesterday. My immediate family NEVER goes to have dimsum, or "drink tea", as we call it so I looove it when I go. It's embarrassing because since I go so rarely, I never remember the names of the plates and have to ask a bunch of questions. What is it? What's inside? I had this delicious crunchy fried dough stuff wrapped in rice noodle and it was sooo good. How can I order it again without knowing what it's called? I proceeded to google and found this amusing website. Very helpful for non-chinese speakers as well!

"Pai gwat
Rhymes with "my butt"

Chinese spareribs, often cut very small and usually with a thick, sweet bean sauce on top."

How does dimsum heart me? My blood sugar was 130 before dimsum, and only 88 after! amazing! Disclaimer: I'm no medical professional so please don't go out and engorge yourself in dimsum!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kenneth Cole's new shoe line

I was just checking out the hautelook sales of the day and I'm loooooving these Gentle Soul shoes by Kenneth Cole! They look so comfy! That's my main concern these days but these shoes don't skimp on style either. The pricetag is a little steep (150 and up retail price) or this would be my new go to brand. SIGH. I'll wait until it's in DSW.

They also sell it here for retail price.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


How soft and pretty is this?? I notice my wardrobe colors are going back to basic white, blacks and greys. They're easier to wear than lavenders and powder blues and more sophisticated as well. That's me, miss sophistication, starting now anyways. This dress is more on the youthful side. I'm youthful and sophisticated!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

My New Favorite Mug

Well, I got two of them, so I should say my new favorite mugs.

More dresses to drool for!

This dress by F21 has a beautiful design. I haven't seen another dress like this one. Unfortunately, this type of dress is not for the pear shaped, and so I will not own it. It's sad, really.

This lacey dress looks so pretty and looks stretchy and comfortable too! For the price JCREW is asking for, it's definitely out of my price range. Also, JCREW charge way too much for their dresses while quality stays poor (dress ripped on day 1, coat lining wears easily). I still love their dresses and coats though, but only on super sale.

I can't remember where I found this dress! I think it's an independent designer... probably from Portland. All their handmade dresses are so beautiful and much more affordable than mainstream designer options, not to mention very few people would have the same dress. I <3<3<3>