Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The forsythia has bloomed quite nicely indoors. Since this photo, the flowers have wilted and leaves are sprouting!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Burger Binge

I went burger crazy the past week. These are only the ones I took pictures of.

The barrel burger.. Their brunch menu is decent. I don't remember how the burger tastes. :( I better go back and have some more.

Deli across from shake shack (YUMMMM!) Went in here when it was rainy. I was sooo hungry and wanted a $3 deli burger. You know what I mean, those greasy patties on smushed burger buns. The bill came out to 11 but this burger is magnificent!!! This is no deli burger. Skip Shake Shack and go across the street instead!!

Elevation burger The burgers are decent. It's grass fed beef. It looks like a regular fast food joint but the people who work there are REALLY nice! They came by twice to see how we're doing. (I like their chocolate ice cream and fresh strawberries shake. No, no, I mean I love it. It's the best shake I've ever, EVER had.)