Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I can put sodium thiosulfate on my wishlist, yay!! What else can a girl ask for?
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As I'm growing older, I fear I have less and less tolerance for the young folks and their cellular phones that make all the ringing and the twirping.

Monday, December 01, 2008

My first sale!!

I've done it! I've sold my first item on Etsy! Luck was on my side as it was sold within an hour of posting. There are only 7 items "on the shelf" right now and they are getting dusty! Have no fear, becaue I still have a dozen earrings and necklaces to post so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

From researching other people's Etsys, I have noticed the change in their products and sales over the months. Everyone starts out making random things they just had to make at the moment, but once they got that out of their system, their collection became more focused. I'm hoping I will find my focus too one day because right now, I just want to make everything. I sit in front of my stash and freeze from all the possibilities.

I'm excited! On the other hand, my photography is getting neglected. :( Oh, so is work and the "real world".
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