Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love her style


from fashionista keiko lynn's blog.

I really like her outfit in this picture!! So simple yet so feminine and pretty.

I'm off to Austin in 1.5 days! My whole body is sore from going out the past two days. By going out, I really mean just stepping oustide and running light errands and definitely not heavy duty partying. My arms are crazy sore. I carried a gallon of paint yesterday from the sidewalk to my apt! After looking at it under home lighting and not home depot lighting, I realize the color is all wrong! It's sunshine orange and not mellow yellow. I should've know, with a name like "Pooh Bear Yellow" that it would be orangey! My living room walls are painted in an eeyore grey. I'll have the whole Hundred Acre Woods gang in my apt in no time!
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